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Recorded: Mike Mullin

Mixed/Mastered: Alan Douches of West West Side Recordings

Artwork: Jordan Sniff

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The raw, no frills hard rock band, Primatives formed in 2012 and hail from Haddon Township, New Jersey. The group consists of Kyle Ranshaw, David P. Harvey III, Andy Buch and James Berardi. Unapologetically taking influence from 90’s grunge ensembles and thrashy metal bands, Kyle Ranshaw aims to match the guttural vocal style of his contemporaries which pairs nicely with the grotesque imagery of pigs eating pigs, found on their 2018-self titled album. The trend of Primatives’ “loud, fast, hard,” sound continues on their sophomore record “Shades of the Past.” Despite the album being shelved since 2016, the band looks to release this work in 2019 starting with the lead single “Steal Me,” sung by David P. Harvey who shares lead vocal responsibilities. The "loud enough to piss off (your) mom,” quartet look to independently release their follow up record along with newly written material this year.

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